Is This What Romance Looks Like?

The happiest couples know that big romance lives in the smallest moments. So keep your champagne and caviar, your roses and candlelight. We’ll take the simple, sweet memories that breathe love into every day. Six writers share theirs.


Work and Play

A few months ago, when my husband and I transitioned our son, Sawyer, into a big-boy bed, he refused to nap alone. We explained that we couldn’t sleep with him; there was no room in his bed. Of course, he found a loophole. “Sleep next to my bed,” he said. “There’s room on my rug.” Except he kept peeking over his guardrail to giggle at the sight of us. “Use my blanket and build a tent and you lie under it on the rug,” he said, “so I don’t see you.” From our hideout in the tent, we kept still, listening to our little boy rustling like a safari cub.

When Sawyer’s breath began to ebb and flow more evenly, I plotted our escape in my mind, then blurted out loud, “Uh oh.” Sawyer stirred. I whispered the problem in Geoffrey’s ear: “I left my glasses on his nightstand.” Geoffrey ducked out to rescue my specs. Sawyer rolled over on his pillow, sighed, and smacked his lips. Geoffrey barely made it back into the tent without waking him. If we tried to leave now, we’d risk Sawyer’s hearing the creak of floorboards, the doorknob’s click, our dog panting in the hallway…read more here.

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