Why Every Mom Needs a Play-Day

It can feel impossible to escape from your to-do list without a little miracle. But with a best friend at your side, all kinds of magic can happen.

Pari Chang, Parents
Credit: Naomi Wilkinson

It’s Monday morning, and I’ve just put the kids on the bus. I’m still waving goodbye when my phone rings, spinning me from parenthood into office mode. But it’s my friend Deb. “I miss you,” she says. “Let’s play hooky.”

Getting together with her—or any of my old girlfriends—usually requires serious advance planning now that I am a single working mother in the suburbs of New Jersey. I’m not complaining. I’ve built a healthy, full life since moving here from New York City. My kids and I live with Grandma, in the town (and house!) where I grew up. It isn’t glamorous, but it’s good. And even though, thank God, I work from home, my weekdays are tightly structured with parenting and deadlines…read more here

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